Resource Overhaul

A Minecraft mod by Jackbusters


Resource Overhaul adds over 172 blocks and items, all having to do with resources. From tiny nuggets of bricks to new ores, armors, weapons, and tools entirely.

From exploring the Overworld to venturing the Nether, Resource Overhaul adds much needed changes to improve the game experience.



Development can be hard. Any amount donated is much appreciated.


The following must be installed for the mod to function properly:

If using a download that has (Forge Required) next to it:

Minecraft Forge

If using a download that has (Fabric Required) next to it:

Fabric Mod Loader For MinecraftFabric


Fabric API


*If playing in any 1.8 version, be sure to use the latest version of Minecraft Forge. If latest version is not used, armor will not appear textured while on player's body.

*1.8 versions are severely outdated. These versions do not closely resemble the mod's current state.

Authorized Mod Vendors

The following websites are safe locations to download the mod, other sites are false downloads.


Planet Minecraft